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Qualified Quran Tutor at Noor-e-Quran Online

Qualified Quran Tutor at Noor-e-Quran Online

Our Quran tutors know the learning style of every student. They teach friendly and motivate students to read Quran and Islamic studies. Therefore students have wish to learn from teachers after having some time with them. We follow CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) policy so you as a student rest assured of all our Quran tutors are fully checked and teach in admin supervision.

We have hired tutor supervisors to make a check on tutors. Tutor supervisor ensures that all classes are being conducted in time. Our students and parents are free to call to CSR or Manager at any time to inform them about the progress of teacher’s teaching.

Currently, all the Tutors are at least bi-lingual with proficiency in Urdu & English languages. Most of Tutors are able to speak and understand Arabic as well. Most of the Tutor have received training in Qirat and Reciting Quran and also have Quran Teaching Experience. The Tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards set by the management. The performance of each Tutor is evaluated every 3 months based on their student’s progress.

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